What Sin Did Adam And Eve Commit?

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If this question was given to you in a Bible Class exam with the following choices, what would be your answer?

(a)    They disobeyed God or trespassed God’s law.

(b)   They had sexual intercourse.

(c)    They misused or abused their freedom to choose.

At first glance, all of the three answers seem to be correct or are correct from the perspective one looks at it. Or it may be confusing because of their ambiguity. If a fourth choice was added, (d) all of the above, one would without thought circle (d) as correct. A critical analysis would lead one to choose (c) as a better answer than the two. That leads us to the next question. Did Adam and Eve have the freedom to choose?

When God created man in his own image, there were attributes that God imputed in them. God created them to be like God himself to reflect God to the creation. God created the world out of his own free will and choice. There were no external forces or beings outside of God himself that compelled or assisted him in his creation of the universe. God designed man to also have the power of freedom to choose to do what is good to reflect the goodness of his creator.  God did not create man like a robot and control from a remote control somewhere in his heaven realm. However, God put into the intuition of man the consciousness of his law, the desires to obey him, but also the freedom to choose.

God recognized the fundamental right of man, he created him to be- to freely enjoy the blessings of the creation, subdue it and be steward of it. God never coached man, but set rules for man to follow. If God had superintended the man God would be right there at the spot and stopped sin from being committed. God, however, allowed freedom, privacy, freewill became the essence of man’s morality.

Adam and Eve had the freedom of choice to make decisions. The freedom to make decisions among other things made man uniquely differently from all of the created animals.

Satan’s question tested Adam and Eve’s mental capacity that sits their freedom to choose. Choice really comes when one is faced with when two opposing objects or ideas are presented.  Prior to their encounter with the snake, Adam and Eve had no other opposing object or idea to decide or choose from.  The temptation presented a time for Adam and Eve to choose by preferring one out of the two ideas before them. The one being God’s law forbidding them not to eat of the fruit in the middle of the garden and the consequence will be death. The other being exactly the opposite, if you eat of the fruit in the middle of the garden you will not surely die, but will become like God himself. They used the freedom to choose, what they think will be bring goodness to them if they choose what is appealing.  What was appealing tended out to be disastrous for them and the entire creation. God gave Adam and Eve freedom of choice and they choose to disobey rather than obey.

Apart from natural disasters and accidents, all human miseries in the world are all results of people misusing freedom. People choose to do evil. People use fundamental rights to commit acts of evil against both civil and divine laws. If God had not given Adam and Eve the fundamental human right – the freedom to choose, they would have been remote controlled by God and might not have committed sin. In other words, they might not have disobeyed God.


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