Your New Cubical. Make Life Just That Little Bit Better

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It is likely that someone worked in the cubicle assigned to you before you. Their funk is probably all over everything. It would behoove you to squeegee the space, especially the keyboard. Make the investment in a keyboard cleaner spray bottle. Any office supply store will have one for less than 5 bucks.

Wipe down the desk. Get some glass cleaner and scrub. Hopefully this won’t be too difficult. If it is ask for a new desk.

The chair. The chair you have is likely one of the rejects of the office. You have it because no one else wants it. This could be for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which may be smell. It’s also possible that the lumbar support doesn’t work or the seat won’t go high enough. When you can switch the seat out. Don’t take anyone else’s seat. You don’t want to irritate your coworkers. There are usually good chairs hidden in forgotten closets or in other hinterland cubicles.

Your computer. Hopefully you will have a decent computer. This is your primary work tool. It should work properly. Address any issues as early as possible.

Make the cubicle your space. You are going to spend a great deal of time in your square domain. Make it a place you feel comfortable in. Bring in a plant to off set the grey around you. Get a little Zen fountain if you find the sound of water soothing. I loved mine.

Don’t build a shrine. Sometimes folks will take cubicle personalization thing a little far. Even if this is where you spend more time than anywhere else, your cube is not your home. Save any pictures of entertainers for the rec room in the basement. Pictures of your family should be the only portraits adorning your cube walls.

Hopefuly you won’t sit next to this guy. Neighbors. This can be the most problematic part of settling in. Hopefully the people in immediate proximity will be respectful and relatively friendly. If not don’t despair. Work stations shift over time. You may be in a better spot soon. As for you, always be respectful even if others are not. Rise above the cube.


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