Menstrual Pain and Self Hypnosis

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Would you like to have a drug-free way to manage your menstrual cramps? Would you like to get back the days you lose each month to menstrual pain? Self-hypnosis may be the answer you are seeking to control your discomfort.

Pain is your body’s way of saying, “Pay attention to me, something is wrong”. But pain can also be a natural response to something your body is doing. In the case of your menstrual cramps, it is the result of the contracting of the uterine muscles. If you and your health-care provider have ruled out any other possibilities for your cramps and they are a normal by-product of your monthly period, then managing the pain is appropriate, since you will not be masking the warning signs of a more serious condition. 

Although hypnosis is often thought to be a deep state of relaxation, it is actually a heightened state of focused awareness, while in a relaxed state. By concentrating your attention elsewhere, you will tune out and learn to ignore the cramps. With just a bit of practice, you will take charge of your body and get back the quality of life you enjoy the rest of the month and you will no longer be plagued by the discomfort of your period. 

Although self-hypnosis works at any time, in order for it to work best for you, it is better to have set up your mind beforehand to be receptive to the focus you need while you are experiencing the pain. Don’t wait until your period to begin this exercise. Start now, and get in the habit of setting aside a few minutes each day. Just a few minutes each day and it will get easier and easier and, eventually, you will instantly be able to go to that focused state. 

How to Focus

Find a quiet room. Be sure that you will have at least 30 uninterrupted minutes to yourself. Wear loose comfortable clothing and remember to go to the washroom before you begin. Sit in a comfortable chair or recline on pillows propped up on a bed. Put your arms at your sides and relax your hands. Don’t cross your legs as you will be in this position for awhile and that could become uncomfortable. If you have a favorite instrumental music piece, a CD that plays sounds from nature or a white-noise machine, you may listen to that, but remember, nothing loud, nothing with words. Any sound you choose to hear must contribute to, not distract from, focusing. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for the count of 3. Release the breath through your mouth, using your vocal chords to make a humming sound. Repeat this breathing at least 3 more times. With each release of your breath you should begin to notice the humming becomes steadier and smoother. This is your body, relaxing. 

Next, breathing normally, in this new, relaxed state, squeeze your toes as hard as you can, then release. Do it again. Then release. Tighten the muscles of your feet. Release. Do it again and release. Moving up your body, tighten each muscle group and release. Do this twice for each group. So, you will tighten your calf muscles, your thigh muscles, your buttock muscles. Then you will move to your stomach muscles, then your chest muscles. Go around to your back muscles and squeeze your upper back muscles together. Then to your shoulders and down your arms to your hands. Squeeze your hands together as hard as you can and release. Go to your neck muscles and tighten them, then the muscles on your scalp. Feel the tension and the relaxation as you tense and relax, tense and relax. Tighten the face muscles around the mouth and nose. Raise your eyebrows high and release them. Squeeze the tiny muscles around your eyes. Release them. Now take a deep breath and as you let it out, imagine you are releasing negativity and tension and worries. Watch them in your mind’s eye as they drift off and fade away. 

You are now extremely relaxed. At this point you might feel a tingling in your fingers or toes, you might feel very heavy or as if you are floating. It’s alright to feel these sensations. They are natural. If you aren’t feeling these sensations, that’s alright too. There is no right or wrong. You are just relaxed. 

In this relaxed state begin to imagine the place where you feel pain during your period, as a bright red spot. It is a bright, glowing, red spot. Take a deep breath and imagine cool, fresh air going to the spot and cooling it down. As this cool air flows around the spot it begins to fade to a pale pink. As you breathe out, you exhale discomfort away from your body. With each breath in, imagine this cool air swirling around the spot as it fades to pale pink, then a soft calm blue. This soft, calm blue is pain free. It is comfortable. Imagine how it feels to be comfortable and pain free. As you imagine this state of being pain free, gently touch the tips of your index and middle fingers to your thumb while saying “I feel wonderful.” Repeat this statement as many times as you wish, while pressing your fingers and thumb together. 

When you are satisfied with what you have done and are ready to get up, begin to slowly count back from 10 to 1. As you count, with each number, you will become more and more alert. By the time you reach 1 you will be alert but feeling very good and happy with the progress you have made towards being pain free. It’s ok to lie there for a few minutes before getting up, slowly. 

Practice this exercise as frequently as you wish. Each time you practice, you will be conditioning your body to accept that you are pain free, whenever you touch your fingers and thumb together and say to yourself, “I feel wonderful.” It will become easier and easier to access that relaxed, pain free state, with just the touch of your fingers and thumb together. When you are having your period and are beginning to feel pain, you will touch your fingers and thumb together and replace the pain with feeling comfortable and pain free. 

If you find it difficult to hypnosis yourself, you might try recording yourself directing you through each step of the relaxation process. You might also considering going to a trained hypnotist. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to use to incite change in your life to a happy, satisfied state.


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