How to block selected e-mails from Hotmail.

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Theres nothing more annoying then signing onto your hotmail account and getting bombarded with more junk mail then actual content of importance to you. If you are receiving junk mail from a day to day basis, usually from the same source, this if great for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could completely block that e-mail, so no more junk mail can be received from them? Its very simple, and if done well, can almost clear all recurring junk mail off Hotmail.

If you want to fully remove recurring junk mail from your Hotmail inbox (essentially blocking the spammers e-mail address), there are a few easy steps to follow.

1. Click on the spam e-mail you wish to block.

2. Copy the e-mail address at the top of the e-mail

3. Click on the ‘Options’ tab at the top right of the screen under your name, and select ‘More Options’

4.  Under ‘Junk E-mail’ click on ‘Safe and blocked senders’

5. Now click ‘Blocked senders’.

6. Paste the e-mail of the spammer you copied under ‘Blocked e-mail address or domain:’ and click ‘Add to list’. look and see the box to the right, the address should be added, you will no longer receive junk mail from them.

You should continue to do these steps to any e-mails you wish to no longer receive e-mails from. This does not only have to be used for spammers but for anyone you wish to stop being e-mailed from. I myself find this useful to keep junkmail at bay.


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