Soldier Front Start-up Guide

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Step 1: Creating your character.

First off, you must create an account on Once you’ve confirmed you’re e-mail, you can now go to the soldier front website which is located on the front page of There you must sign in on to your account. After signing in, you will see that you have no codename, sp, and exp just yet. Press the big orange button entitled “play live” to download the game. If you are running windows vista, just press “allow” on the security measures. After about 15-20 minutes of download, you are now ready to play.

Step 2: Playing the game.

Now that you’ve done the download and clicked on the play live button, a launcher will appear. This launcher will now always appear when you press, “play live”. Press the Start button. Your screen will go blank for a few seconds so the game can adjust to the resolutions. For the very first time logging on, you will be prompted to create a codename. I suggest using a codename that is easy to remember so that when you become really good, people will know you. After you’ve selected your codename, you will be sent to the character shop. You can only purchase (it’s free the first time) an ARTC. This is the character everyone starts out with and it is free. After you’ve purchased the character, you will be sent to the weapon shop. One of these weapons will be your best friend. I suggest purchasing the AK-74 if you want to be a total spraying machine (spraying means using a rifle). Beware! the AK-74 has a BEASTLY recoil. Only use this gun if you can handle pulling down on the mouse A LOT. Even though this gun has a high recoil, it’s power makes up for it. You can kill someone in as little as 3 WELL placed shots to the upper body/head. If you don’t think you can handle the AK-47, you have another choice. The M4A1 and the PSG-1.  I say ‘and’ because when u purchase one of these guns, you can purchase the other. For example, when you purchase the the M4A1 which costs 22 000sp. You will be left with 38 000. On the next screen you have to purchase a secondary. Buy the berreta which is 16 000. That leaves u with 22 000 and luckily, the PSG-1 is only 20 000. As you can see, you can get a spraying gun and a sniper. This set up is most preferred by a lot of people because these guns are unofficially the best guns people choose to use. You will see high-ranked players with these guns.

Step 3: Becoming a “Beast”

With the AK-47, you should NEVER ever go full auto at long range. This is because of the recoil, the cross-hair will go up leaving you no control over your target. The solution to this is to single shot or burst fire. Single shot is exactly as it sounds, you click, click, click letting only one bullet go. Burst fire is almost the same, you click and click as well but you hold down each click for about 2 seconds. This way you still have some control and you shoot 3 or so bullets. Also, remember to always always crouch when shooting. It makes the size of your crosshair a tad smaller. This is VERY important especially to the AK-74 because it’s cross-hairs go larger the longer u hold down shoot. That is why it is never advised to completely spray your round at the person. Unless ofcourse you are point blank.

Step 4: Sniping

So you chose to snipe with PSG-1. Your main objective is to take your shot at their upper body with as less shots as possible. The more shots you take, the higher the chance their team mates can rush at you with you knowing. That is because when you are in scope mode, you can’t see your surroundings. One of the most important tactics a sniper must know, mastering the map. You need to know where are some common paths the enemy takes. And MOST importantly, your cover. For example, in Shanghai, the docks are filled with crates. You can hide behide these to lessen the chance of the enemy spotting you. Some don’ts for a sniper. NEVER pull out your pistol against a sprayer unless you know for a fact that u shot him with your sniper. A sprayer can outshoot your puny pistol no problem. You have a better chance of surviving with your sniper rifle.

Step 5: Advanced Sniping

There are quite a few tactics advanced snipers use. The most efficient and the one you should be trying to learn, Quick Scope. This is when you quickly scope, fire, and unscope. This is very useful in close range combat when you are faced an enemy. Your other option is to just use “no-scope”. With the PSG-1, you have take aim at your enemy then go right and down. Another option is to just shoot when you see the enemy’s name. Beware, this could be based on luck because the bullets are not precisely aimed when you are no scoping. Jump shots are extremely hard. It’s pretty much like no scoping because when you jump or move then fire, your bullet will be affected. I’ve never down an accurate jump shot but I believe the bullet falls down a few inches of where you aim. For those who want to know how to do a jump shot, it is down exactly as it sounds. You jump, take aim and fire. The Silent Shot otherwise known as SS is literally a “silent” shot. Sometimes you may find yourself dead without hearing a bullet. You have been killed by a PRO. Silent shot is done by shooting and quickly switching to a knife or a different weapon.

Final Tips:

1. K-walk. This means you hold down “W” and press ctrl alternatively. This allows you to walk silently preventing your enemy from pinpointing your location. Believe me, this is a great asset, you do not know how many noobs have died because of being careless.

2. Speakers / headphones. This allows you to hear those noobs that don’t K-walk. Also, when a sniper misses, you will hear a “ting” notifying you that someone took a shot and missed.

3. Listen to your team mates.

4. Don’t reload after EVERY kill. I know that many other guides say that you should reload everytime but I learned the hard way. I reloaded with still around 18 bullets to my AK-74 and suddenly a guy came out and caught me reloading. I did not stand a chance. Only reload when you are certain there is nobody around, you have cover, and if u have less than 10-15 bullets. Like I said, the AK-74 can kill someone in as little as 3 shots but you need to be aiming PRECISELY

That’s it for my guide. Hope to see you online and owning!


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