World of Warcraft Skinning Guide The Best WoW Trade Skill for Making Money

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Skinning is one of the most lucrative gathering trade skills in the World of Warcraft. Once a player learns skinning and purchases the necessary skinning knife to begin the player’s career as a World of Warcraft skinner, the player’s only other expenses will be to pay for training to skin higher level animals. Leathers that drop from higher level creatures are needed in higher level leatherworking, engineering, tailoring, and blacksmithing recipes.

Starting out in Skinning

The first thing a new skinner should do is skin animals. Skinners will start with the low level creatures running around the newbie areas of the of World of Warcraft. Critters and beast type monsters in the level five to ten World of Warcraft zones, skinners will obtain ruined leather scraps and pieces of light leather. Leather scraps have no use or value to players unless the skinner also possess the leather working skill. Leather scraps can be sold to vendors, but since it costs the skinner nothing to skin the animals, the skinning trade skill is all profit.

The Skinner’s Progress and Skinning’s Advantages over Mining

As skinner progress in the skinning trade skill, the player be able to skin higher level animals. After a certain point determined by the level of the creature killed, beast type monster will drop heavier leathers used in other World of Warcraft trade skills. Of the gathering trade skills, skinning provides the player with the best opportunity, save perhaps mining, to make money selling their goods at the auction house. Unlike mining where a miner will often fight other miners over rare spawns of the higher level metals, the World of Warcraft skinner merely has to use his skinning knife on a monster that can be skinned.

What Types of Monsters can be Skinned in World of Warcraft

Beasts and some hybrids, such as the werewolves of Shadowfang Keep yield materials that can be used in the leather working trade skill. Another advantage skinning possesses over mining is that even if the materials gathered from this World of Warcraft trade skill do not find a buyer at the auction house, the leathers obtained by the World of Warcrat skinner still sell at a fairly good return on investment to a vendor. If the economy of the server the skinner plays on seems to be flooded with leather at the moment, it may be a good idea for the skinner to see what a vendor will offer for a stack of the leather type being sold as that price does not change.

The downside the World of Warcraft skinning trade skill is that many high level World of Warcraft players have picked it up to make money off of it.. The player who spends most of his time soloing may not find the competition to skin mobs problematic, but the player who likes to spend most of their time grouping in the dungeons of the game may want to find some other way to supply their characters with cash.


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