Suicide and death at the Hard Rock casino

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Hard Rock casino has been on the news lately for suicide, death, drugs and scandals. I guess they’re a hardcore casino and worst of all, the crimes were from the top CEOs. It’s embarrassing and scary to hear about such stories about a casino. I guess I wouldn’t want to hang out there or work there. The work environment is pretty toxic from what I’ve heard. They do a lot of illegal things there like illegal drinking, drugs and scandals. I would not want to go to a casino with that kind of scandals and death.

Last month, I’ve read that one young woman died from a drug overdose and she was the girlfriend of the ceo of the Hard Rock casino. The CEO stepped down after her death and he also settle a laswsuit with the family of the girlfriend. I guess there is no other option but to step down as CEO. It’s a terrible example of the CEO to do drugs and acted as a CEO at the same time. I realized that they’re trying to promote this image of the casino but it’s illegal to promote illegal drugs use.

I think it’s ok to talk about alcohol and sex but it’s illegal and dangerous to promote drugs use. However, the Hard Rock casino has this as their image. It’s the lifestyle of their people and their guests. Well, to me it’s just down right wrong to promote illegal drugs. It’s wrong in the sense that they have people working there who are tested for drugs use and then the corporate people do it themselves. It’s just wrong.

It’s wrong for them to promote this because it’s illegal to use drugs even though people do them and rock stars do them. It’s illegal to do drugs over all in America. I don’t even know why they would be allowed to promote their business as such. It’s ashamed that they are putting this kind of image out there. I want them to stop for the goodness of innocent people who work there or go there. I wouldn’t support such a casino anyways. I don’t think I would want to spend my time there fearing that I will see a lot of these activities.

This week I saw the suicide of a Chief operating officer there. It’s so sad to see such a talented person committing suicide. It seems to me that his suicide might have some connection to the CEO scandals. I’m pretty sure there will always be things here and there that involved all the executrices and their friends. There is implied pressure that you can’t stay away from. It’s very sad to learn of this suicide since we know that the COO has a family and they’re well to do too. They live in Summerlin Las Vegas.

I felt very sorry for these talented people who have to undergone such immense pressure from their corrupted friends. Of course there will always be a lot of ties when you’re one of the big guys. You don’t get there by mere talents sometimes but with friendship and those friendships can haunt you later on too. You’re expected and pressured to do the same things that your friends do too. Yes, it’s very difficult to handle these things.


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