The failure of the Spanish economy

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Unemployment rates have risen precipitously in just over two years has gone from 1,900,000 to 4,500,000 million people out of work.
Before the start of the global economic crisis, Spain was among the first countries whose annual ever-growing engine was more than 3%. Today is no growth and inflation is invading prices.
The measures taken by the current government has been only pacha, who have not served in practically nothing. Spain needs reacts and get down to work. only through effective measures, and a government who can act positively, this country can begin to raise its head.
Most European countries have already gone out of depression, and are rising in its economy, only Spain, along with Ireland are currently declining situation in suna. Otherwise we have also to Greece, where if not remedied, we have a bankrupt country. We certainly need more than ideas improvised ago to start climbing the economy, both in Spain and the rest of the countries mentioned.

The issue is that to the industry crisis that seemed to employ all these people was to build, but once exploited the housing bubble we have nothing. Clearly we are seeing a sharp adjustment in the construction according to the latest figures show.

The lack of businesses in general makes the working conditions in Spain are not great (mainly wages). Many job (by workers) and low job demand (by the companies, which are paid) makes the bidders have the upper hand, as far as salaries are concerned. In addition they have a strong incentive to improve their productivity, are cheap labor.


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