Maintenance of parquet

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It can be cleaned with a cloth or a mop dipped in a liquid product for these areas. The length in optimal conditions of these soils depends largely on their protective coating (varnish) remains in good condition, so that the product used should be as aggressive as possible to prevent corrosion.

Maintenance of parquet

Some practitioners recommend mixing water and vinegar to clean it, although others insist that plain water is best. In any case we must avoid excess water in their maintenance.

It is advised stab parquet floor every 10 years, this gives you a lifetime guarantee to the floor for up to 30 years.

To avoid possible it is advisable to tacos striped felt in the legs of chairs, tables and the like. Should not drag furniture or touching the ground with mud or sand on the soles of his shoes. A doormat at the entrance of housing is essential

Tape scratch the parquet rayon carefully applying a clean cloth or wood paste that you previously made by mixing bitumen (similar in color to the park) and wax. Let the dough for 20 minutes and scrub with a brush until they see rayon.
If your parquet cracks, slots sprinkle with talcum powder, causing them to penetrate through a brush. Then, a few jumps up until entering the last corner.
We recommend sanding the wood every ten years, or earlier if considered necessary and suffers much racking, so that their aging is less noticeable and sanding is a few millimeters. The more time passes between a sanding and another, more will have to polish the wood later. They are also required at least two coats of varnish so that the sanding is durable and has good presence.


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