10 Steps to Recovering from an Eating Disorder

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Let go of the past

Before you can create a better future, you have to learn from the experiences of the past and move on from them.

Set goals and take action

Small goals, little tasks something that challenges the short sighted nature of an Eating Disorder will help you keep working towards the bigger task. You can’t win the war without winning the battles.

Take ownership

Be in control of your recovery not your Eating Disorder in control you.

Remember successes

As you go through the journey, you will have successes and good times. Try and remember these successes to help you remind yourself that you can achieve recovery.

Get excited about what is to come

Imagine how good life will be without your Eating Disorder, maybe try and illustrate it or write it down so you can keep it with you to keep your focus.

What don’t you want?

Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you don’t want from life than what you do want. What don’t you want from your recovery? What don’t you want your life to be like?

Fear is part of success

It’s natural to be scared when making big life changes, but overcoming fear makes success all the more fulfilling.

Take a break and refresh your mind

Don’t keep pushing yourself forward. Stagnant moments of recovery will help you to regroup and reflect on how you are doing and how you can keep moving forward.

Learn from mistakes

Short term failures are part of recovery, next time you will know how not to deal with things. Every mistake is a learning opportunity.

Enjoy the journey

Recovery is about gaining life and enjoying it! Enjoy the process of recovery, it will help you stay happy and keep fighting.


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