Tips On How To Cook Rice From A Rice Cooker

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Rice cookers range between $14-$30 each depending on the models. You don’t have to buy an expensive rice cooker to cook rice. A cheap rice cooker will do the job just right and you will enjoy your rice together with your delicious meal. This article will show you how to cook rice using your rice cooker at home. Enjoy and have fun cooking rice.

Step 1

To begin to cook rice from a rice cooker, first, measure the rice precisely using the plastic measuring cup that comes with your rice cooker and add to the metal cooking pan inside.

Step 2

Wash the rice with cold water in the rice cooker cooking pan and rub the rice grains gently between the palms of your hands. Drain. Repeat 3 or 4 times until the water is clear.

Step 3

Using the markings inside the rice cooker cooking pan, add cold water up to the level marking that corresponds to the number of cups of rice used. Be sure that all the grains of rice are submerged in water and the surface of the rice is flat and level to ensure even cooking.

Step 4

Wipe off any excess water from the outside of the rice cooker cooking pan and place it in the Main Body of the rice cooker. Close the lid, plug in the rice cooker and press the cooking switch to start.

Step 5

After your rice is finished cooking in your rice cooker, allow the cooked rice to rest for 15 minutes. Then open the cooker and use the nonstick rice spatula to fluff and serve your rice.


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