Final Fantasy XIII Palamecia boss guide- Primarch Barthandelus Part 2

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Now the second form is where the problems really start. Every attack in this mode hits hard, Especially Thanatosian smile which can destroy half your HP in one shot. Hope is especially in danger here thanks to his abysmal HP to begin with. In short, keep everyone’s HP above half. You may not find time to use anything other than the diversity paradigm in this stage of the battle.

To make matter worse, while Primarch Barthandelus is only immune to a few status ailments, it’s damn hard to inflict any on him! At the very least you should use bully until you can get a slow off though, then go all out and use diversity, switching to relentless attack when you get the chance, and bully when you need to re apply buffs and de buffs. Decimation is also good for re applying your buffs as it lets you keep up your DPS.

Of course as with most boss battles in Final Fantasy XIII, there is a problem. After you first stagger him, Primarch Barthandelus will start using his mega attack which will probably kill anyone not on full health. This attack is very, very telegraphed, and the moment it begins you need to switch to your best healing paradigm, and then to Solidarity to stand a chance of surviving the attack. One tactic is simply to never stagger him, but if you do this, you’ll never get anywhere before you die of old age! I think the best tactic is to summon Odin once you have the boss staggered, and then pile on as much damage as you can, before finishing him off through normal means.

Oh, this attack also resets his chain gauge too. So you’ll probably never stagger him again! Make sure that straight away after Primarch Barthandelus uses this attack, you use a potion- you will not get any respite before the next attack comes! Heal as best you can, and then recommence the attack. Speaking of potions, don’t be cheap; use them as often as you can to save needing to use healing paradigms.

Try to keep the slow effect on the boss, keep your buffs up, maintain your DPS, and remember to keep your HP above half unless Primarch Barthandelus is going to use his mega attack-  then you need it full. Keep this up and you will start to wear him down. He may use doom on you, which you can’t cure- At this point you really need to go all out to finish this boss off before you die! You may need to use the Relentless assault paradigm a little more than you’d like.

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