Tips On How To Iron Your Corduroy Pants

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Ironing clothes is quite simple. Just read the instructions on your clothing and you’re ready to do your pressing job. I love to iron my own clothes. I have been ironing my clothes since I was 7 years old. Of course, my grandma taught me how and I thank her well for it. However, there are clothes and pants that are difficult to iron. To avoid this annoying task, you should fold your clothes right away after drying them out. Don’t leave them in your clean laundry basket for a long time. Anyway, here are some steps on how to iron your corduroy pants straight from grandma’s ideas.

Step 1

Ironing your corduroy pants is tough. Before anything else, you need to use a fabric softener when washing your pants. Fold your pants right away after drying them to lessen wrinkles on your pants. Do not leave them in your clean laundry basket for a while because when your pants get cold, the wrinkles stay on it as well making it difficult to iron later. Now here’s the most important step you need to do. Before Ironing your corduroy pants, turn them inside out prior to ironing. The reason is it’s easier to straighten out your corduroy pants’ wrinkles if you iron them on the smooth side.

Step 2

Use a water spray bottle and spray the section of your corduroy pants you are ironing. Little spray of water makes the pants less stiff making it easier to iron and flatten it’s wrinkles. Step 3 After ironing all the sections of your corduroy pants, turn them inside out once again and continue to iron the rough side of the pants. Spray with water as needed, then hang your corduroy pants in your closet.


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