Health, Wellness and the Star Signs this Spring

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There are many options to improve health and lifestyle. These are suggestions for each star sign, this spring:

Stress Management and Aries

When starting on a wellness program, Arians should be careful not to set their sights too high and not to expect too much too quickly. Because this is an active and energetic sign, they should aim for active living and fitness programs such as aerobics, walking or cycling clubs. Wellness programs that address stress are also recommended for Arians this spring.

Weight Loss and Taurus

Taureans can be lazy when it comes to exercise; they are hard workers but they also enjoy their relaxation too! For healthy living, they need to find activities that make them feel they can influence the course of their everyday life by working towards definite goals. This might involve weight loss goals or a new fitness programs. Without aims, they will lose interest. Wellness programs that address self confidence and motivation are also recommended for Taureans this spring.

Relaxation Techniques and Gemini

Geminis have a lot of nervous energy and can find sleep difficult when they can’t switch their minds off. Learning ways to relax and understand their sleep patterns will help them live a less exhausted life! Wellness programs that address stress, relaxation, nutrition and how to kick bad habits are recommended for Geminis this spring. They might also find it of interest to look more deeply into dream interpretation.

Wellness and Cancer

Home is where the heart is for Cancerians and they should think about activities within their own four walls that might encourage warmth and harmony within the family. They might also pursue relaxation techniques they can carry out in their home. Wellness programs that address emotional health, family relationships and enhancing friendships are recommended for Cancerians this spring.

Creative Writing and Art and Leo

Not only should Leos consider their health but they should also think about the emotional contentment and pleasure they might get through pursuing new hobbies. Expressing their moods through poetry and creative writing would be beneficial. Mood and self-esteem are important considerations in order to feel truly happy; Leos’ philosophy this spring should be: enjoy life, live today and don’t worry about tomorrow. Wellness programs that address feelings and creativity are recommended for Leos this spring.

Health and Fitness and Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, related to the sixth house of work and health. The workplace is a good area to aim for, when thinking of improving lifestyle. If there is dissatisfaction here, Virgo should look into what might be done to make the working environment safer, healthier and happier. Wellness programs that address fitness activities are recommended for Virgos this spring.


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