Final Fantasy XIII Palamecia boss guide- Kalavinka Striker

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This boss fight is divided into two parts, much like the Garuda Interceptor boss battle earlier in Final Fantasy XIII. In fact, doesn’t the Kalavinka Striker look kind of familiar…?

Begin with the usual set up. Cast protect and inflict slow and curse (if you have it). The bully paradigm is best for this as it works very nicely at doing both at the same time, meaning the battle will be over much more quickly. Next you need to switch to the Relentless assault paradigm to start laying waste to the Kalavinka Striker. When you need to heal, try to use diversity to keep up tour DPS and get a five star rating. If you’ve screwed up though and someone is badly hurt, don’t hesitate to use solidarity.

After a quick intermission where all the characters are united, possibly for the first time in Final Fantasy XIII (Only 20 hours in no less), the Kalavinka Striker will come back for another pass.

It’s a little tougher this time, and has a new attack which can insta kill anyone below about half health. It’s still not too tough to beat though, although you may want to make sure you have bar thunder on to take the sting out of the boss’ attacks and thus spend less time in healing paradigms, leading to a better score.

Stick with the same tactics as before, inflict curse and slow and whittle the Kalavinka Striker down with relentless assault followed by diversity when you need to heal. If anyone has fallen below half health, you may wish to use solidarity to make sure they don’t get KO’d depending on your Current HP.

Keep at it and the Kalavinka Striker boss will fall in no time. Then you’ll get to choose your own party for the first time in Final Fantasy XIII!

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