Palmistry: Reading Your Hands

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Palm reading is a science, called palmistry. You can discover many things about a person’s character or personality by reading the characteristics of their hands. You can even tell a person’s future by reading these characteristics of the person’s hands.

The right hand of a right-handed person will give the palm reader information about the person’s present life and his present character. By reading that same person’s left hand, the palm reader will find out the possibilities for that person’s life, possibilities that had been laid out for the person since the day they were born.

Characteristics of the person’s hand is carefully studied. The palm reader carefully studies the person’s fingers, including the finger tips and the finger nails. They study the person’s thumb separately from the person’s other fingers. Palm readers also study the size of the person’s hand. They pay attention to the width of the palm and the shape of the hand. Palm readers also study the lines on the person’s hand.

The studies of palmistry involve using certain celestial bodies to help the palm reader determine things about a person’s life while reading their hands. Palm readers use Venus and Jupiter in their practices of palmistry. They use Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and the palm readers also use the sun and the moon in their practices of palmistry.

The lines on both of the person’s hand are studied carefully by the palm reader. The lines on their hands can tell the palm reader many things about the person’s life, including how successful they are or may become. They can read the person’s life line and be given a general understanding of how long that person may have before their time comes to leave the earth. The palm reader can find out many things about the person’s personality and their habits.

The location of the lines is studied along with other details of the palm. Whether or not the lines overlap each other can give the palm reader important information, as well as the many shapes and symbols found in the lines on the palm of the person’s hand.


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