Top 5 Cruel Ancient Torture Devices

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Number 5 Inquisitional Chair

Naked victims are forced to sit on this chair filled iron spikes. The victims will feel the pain of hundreds of spikes poking on his flesh. Sometimes, the torturer will add extra pressure by sitting on the victim. At other times, the chair is heated to cause that much of extra agony.

Number 4 Judas Chair

This is the favorite torture device used by the Spanish Inquisition. Victims are tied and made to sit on a pointed wooden chair. The entire weight of the victims rest on his anus and the worst part is that this guy won’t die from this torture just yet! Usually, they died due to starvation or exhaustion after weeks of sitting on these damned devices.

Number 3 Lead Sprinkler

The torturer will stick this device into the helpless prisoner throat and down to his stomach. Then, hot molten lead is poured into the top of the device and molten lead will go down the device and burnt the prisoner inside out.

Number 2 Tongue Tears

This device will definitely cause very much pain. Normally used to punish blasphemers, it is inserted into the victim’s mouth and the screw will be tightened to forcefully open the victim’s mouth. Then, the sharper end of the Tongue Tears will rip the victim’s tongue apart.

Number 1 Iron Maiden

You will not want to be inside this device if you are a prisoner, it will be the most painful torturing device of all time! The iron maiden is fixed with strategically placed knife that will impaled the victim’s eyes, legs, stomach and hands but will normally missed the vital organs. This will make sure that you stay alive longer to experience the excruciating pain.

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