How Your Second Pregnancy Will Be Different Than Your First

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No one can predict what your pregnancy and birth will be truly be like.  And just because you’ve been through it once doesn’t mean you’re an expert.  You are most likely expecting things to be somewhat similar the second time around.  Well, take it from this mom of three (soon to be four), your second pregnancy will be different than your first.

For one thing, although you might expect otherwise, your morning sickness will likely be worse the second time around.  You might imagine that your body, having been through pregnancy already in the past, would be used to child bearing, but it just doesn’t work that way.  You will probably feel just as bad or worse during those first few months than you did the first time around.  Luckily, however, you should have a better idea how to deal with morning sickness with your second.  Take it easy, get rest when you need it, eat small meals regularly throughout the day rather than 3 large meals, wear anti-motion sickness bands on your wrists, etc.  You will have a better idea of what makes you feel better and worse.  Focus on whatever makes you feel better and avoid whatever leads you to feel worse.

Your second pregnancy will also be different from your first in that you will probably be more tired the second time around due to the fact that you have child number one in the picture.  If your first is still very young, you’ll be exhausted from trying to keep up with him while you’re feeling terrible, which only makes you feel even more terrible.  If your first is a little bit older, things will still be different the second time around,because you are a mom already and have to devote yourself to your child no matter how old they are.  Older children can sometimes be even harder to deal with, since you worry about them more and they have more serious problems to deal with. 

Later in pregnancy, your second pregnancy will be different from your first as well in that any aches and pains you had the first time will be worse the second time around.  For instance, if you broke your tailbone during your first pregnancy, it will bother you a lot more during second pregnancy.  There’s not much that can be done about this.  Just try to deal with the pains as best you can.  Remember that pregnancy is a temporary experience!

Next, your second pregnancy will be different from first, because your birthing experience will be much different the second time around.  You probably had a long labor and pushed for a long, long time with your first child.  This was because your birth canal had never been opened before.  Although you do expand and then contract again, things are never quite as tight down there as they once were.  Your second pushing should be much, much faster even if you struggled with it the first time.  And that’s good news.  Your overall labor should be faster as well and that’s also something to look forward to.

One thing you are definitely not expecting the second time around is the different afterbirth experience.  With your first, you are elated to have the whole thing over with and you are overjoyed at being a mom.  You probably don’t even remember any afterpains you experienced initially after giving birth.  You were so excited about seeing and holding your new little one that nothing else mattered.  Well, be prepared to feel things a bit more with your second baby.  The contractions after delivery are more intense the second time around.  You may even feel them throughout your hospital stay and think to yourself that you can’t believe you’re still feeling such strong afterpains.  Rest assured, however, that these pains don’t last forever and you will get through it. 

Lastly, your second pregnancy will be different from your first, because you will now come home and be the mother of two instead of one.  You will have to figure out how to provide love and support equally to both of your children.  It seems daunting, but once you have two, you will realize that you can in fact love each child as much as the other and your heart will burst with love for both of them.  So don’t let this worry you. 

Ultimately, although your second pregnancy will be different than your first, you will be better prepared with baby number two.  You will be a more confident mother and that should help you pull through.  Have fun comparing one pregnancy to the other, and enjoy being a mom for the second time.


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