Celebrity Life: Why We Love to Know

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Let’s face it, celebrity life just fascinates us common folk. We end up rushing to the news sites every time we hear a rumor on Twitter or Facebook that a celebrity is dead or in jail. Just about anything to do with the celebrity lifestyle interests us, but why?

There are a few things that might be drawing your attention to celebrity life. The fact that they have what we tend to think of as the perfect life certainly doesn’t hurt! Celebrities live charmed lives, or so it seems, and some people watch them because of this. Most people, however, like to see that stars are really just human beings and relish the little glimpses into this when we hear about someone messing up big time.

Then of course, there are the celebrity babies. Part of celebrity life for many is starting a family and no one could be more eager to see the little star babies than the eager fans of their parents. While we tend to criticize the adults, celebrity kids are adored the world over and we often scour the pages of hot magazines to catch glimpses of the little beauties. Everyone wants to see how the hottest couples look in their offspring!

Seeing stars out and about, without makeup and hair stylists is particularly thrilling because it shows us that they aren’t as perfect as they seem on screen. And, when someone famous dies, the world mourns with their family and friends. The likes of Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy have been missed sorely by their fans.

Whether you are interested in celebrity life because you would love to live like them or because you are interested in watching people stumble and be real, the fact is that most people enjoy a glimpse in the stars’ lives. It’s only natural!


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