Acing Stress

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Stress and Us

According to the dictionary meaning, Stress is a state of mind that is subject to pressure, emotional disturbance and eventually, depression due to an object or person.

Anything that exists has a purpose. And so does stress. However, we are also aware of it’s ill-effects in no uncertain terms. Peace and sanity of the mind may be disturbed if allowed more than it’s required.

I agree, ‘staying focused’ is required to lead a competitive life. Having said that, I mean, it’s important to stress on certain important aspects of life to reach our individual goals. Hence, stressing our minds to achieve our objective is rather, not required. The harmful effects of stress are what we need to curb with time. By channelizing the positive energies in our everyday routine, one can expect to improve their stress levels.Though, no one is completely devoid of stress, keeping it under control is a necessity.

Please Note- A Stress-victim should visit a professional if he or she is unable to combat it for more than 2- 3 months and also remember to follow up on their progress regularly with your counselor.

The following content describes some handy self correcting measures I’ve developed consciously or unconsciously in my growing up years, to deal with life and stress in general. They have worked for me so far, hope you guys feel the same way after reading this..

  • Pray for peace

By way of sincere prayers, one can regain their self esteem or confidence back as blessings. It’s an age-old therapy men have believed in. By gracefully surrendering to the single most divine entity called God, peace and stability of mind is attained. If we believe that God is in everything good and rewarding, then we should all pray for peace and strength, to live and not just survive. Prayers will help us reach a higher ground which is devoid of fear. I’m not aware of any scientific reasons that link to the mind to forget our woes. But it has helped me tremendously like million others, in concentration and healed my pains from past disasters.

I’ve a whole new perspective towards life now. Positive ideas and thoughts will rule if we can pray as a part of everyday living. Capacity to ignore unnecessary issues will develop to ease out from tensions and stress through prayers.

  • Positive Approach

That makes a huge difference as I realize it every minute of the day. A positive attitude is very significant for an individual’s overall growth. Failures are a part of life that we lead. Things that didn’t work out before might turn out okay later. Focus, Patience, Tenacity, Hard work and a certain amount of Luck matters to approach that point of success we were aiming at. As long as we keep it going and do our bit without pointing finger at others, Life will render us hope. This realization is necessary to move beyond loss of any kind, mental, emotional, physical,financial or social.

  • Read.

Reading is a wonderful therapy for everyone if we can develop it as habit. However, reading is easier said than done in trying times of stress due to lack of concentration. But with cultured effort reading can be a blessing for those. Books provide not only knowledge, but also, relaxation of the mind. For non-readers, topics that incite their personal interests could be an option to begin with. A constant upgrading of knowledge is also necessary to stay up-to-date. Reading is how we do it!! The best part is, the sources for reading is available,accessible and affordable now more than ever before.

  • Exercise/activity

Exercise, activity and sport go hand in hand. They can however be practiced separately. The human body is an amazing mechanism that helps us live our lives exactly the way we want to. We should also respect our body and its call for a healthy living equally. In order to do that, a proper diet and exercise should be made an inseparable part of our lives, especially now that, life is on a roll over! There are uncountable known benefits of exercise. Detailed information is available online for the interested ones.  Initially it’ll be tough for those who had loved the ‘couch’ all these years or the car!  This is when we’ll need to work harder with willpower to curb a bigger issue called stress and health in general. Once sorted on the treadmill, things will move at smoother pace. Some regular sports like swimming, cycling, dancing, walking or tennis are superb body & mind strengthener exercises. They are also great stress relievers.

  • Travel.

Passion to travel should be in all of us owing to the wanderers’ lineage we come from- the apes. And the best time for a holiday is when we start to feel low about an unfair life. Travel works wonders for all our senses. I would seriously urge everyone to go out and see places. The variety of culture, people, and geographic set up will free our minds and surprise us about how little we have known about life until now, which in no way, is unfair.

Well, try these steps if you are really feeling low or think you need a break. And incase, they don’t work out, we’ll work something out together. Enjoy.


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