Personalise Firefox with Personas..!

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Hmmm.. Now what can you do to make your browsing exciting with good graphics..?? Firefox is just the solution for you.. Firefox is one of the best browsers anyone can use.. Your sites are loaded faster with Firefox and also you can get the best download speed out of your internet connection..

But what’s more..?? Firefox has loads of add-ons to choose from.. And one of them which you are gonna love is the Firefox Personas.. Firefox Personas are like themes for your browsers.. There are loads of personas you can choose from.. And yeah, you can change themes on the fly.!

Once you install this add-on, there will be an option called Personas under the Tools menu.. When you click on it, there’s a drop down box with loads of add-on to choose from.. And the best part is that as soon as you highlight on any of the add-ons you can get a view of how your Firefox will look..! Visit the Firefox Persona page for more info..! Click here to visit..

There are also lot of other add-ons.. One of the featured add-ons is Yoono.. Yoono is an add-on that lets yo access your social networking accounts from just one place.. You can get live updates from you accounts while you are browsing the net.. This is one among the top add-ons for Firefox.. A must add-on.. For more info on Yoono Check this article out.. Click here..

So, people are you ready to experience the personalised view of web browsing..?? 🙂


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