The One Trait Shared By All People Of Greatness

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The one trait shared by all people of greatness is positive self talk. This applies to any field of human activity and achievement, because it relates specifically to how effectively a person can counsel themselves through the difficulties that arise as an inevitable part of life. Positive self talk is the act of accepting a problem when it arises, encouraging oneself so as not to become disappointed, discouraged, upset or unmotivated, rephrasing the problem so as to begin to discover solutions, and motivating oneself to apply a solution and see it through to the end. When faced with a stumbling block or obstacle, do you throw your hands up and quit immediately or do you tell yourself that you can work through the problem? It may seem like a minor distinction, but it makes all the difference in the world.

It is not possible to control problems and obstacles and complications. They are a necessary and inextricable part of life and always have been and always will be. What you can control is your response to difficulty. You can either say to yourself, “Oh, no. What a disaster. I’ll never get out of this. This is so hard. I can’t do it.” Or you can say” O.K. So there’s a problem. No big deal. I’ve worked through problems before and I’ll work through this one, too. I can do it.” If you tell yourself you can do it, you will find that you have already relieved yourself of the burden of doubt and fear. You are now free to conceive of as many possible solutions as you can and to pick the one that will best fit your situation. Constantly remind yourself that you can and will solve the problem as you continue working, and see the marvelous results for yourself.


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