Final Fantasy XIII Eidolon Battle Guide- Brynhildr

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This Eidolon is a real pain in the neck if you don’t figure out the best way to beat her- and fast. To begin with, you will gain gestalt bonuses for casting buffs on your party, so make sure you buff the hell out of everyone. Haste and Vigilance are very important as Brynhildr is a very fast Eidolon and her attacks will often interrupt your own. Vigilance will help counter this, and haste will let you keep up.

Once the buffs are up, switch to war and peace to heal your party before Brynhildr ends the battle quickly! You will now need to alternate between dual casting to accumulate chain bonuses (It’s not how high the chain gauge goes, it’s how much you put on it), and war and peace to heal your party when Brynhildr has been laying waste. It should go without saying by this point, but remember to use Libra to ensure you’re inflicting the right elemental damage right from the get go.

Brynhildr’s attacks are fast combos, which hit pretty hard, and she also has a nasty AOE in the shape of the Procyon shot (A name incidentally also given to a French nuclear test in the cold war). BEcuase of her speed, if you try to keep your health up through the whole battle, you will be doomed to failure- especially because like all Eidolon battles, you have a doom counter. Settle for your health being above half, Vanille *Should* be able to survive even a full combo at that, but you may need to experiment.

Don’t forget to re apply your buffs if they wear off.


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