Tips On How To Write An Ebay Auction Title

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Here are some tips on how to create an EBAY winning auction title:

  • Step 1

Use Capital Letters

This is a MUST in an ebay auction title. Make your title stand out from other sellers. Place certain key words in full capitals to draw attention to a unique selling point or a particularly attractive feature. If the item you’re selling is a brown bag for example, then draw attention to this fact in your title. Make sure you include as many keywords as possible. Use words that you think people are searching for.

Step 2

Avoid typing errors and spell correctly.

Wrong typing and spelling are a “no-no” since your keywords won’t be searched by people and you will lose out on sales. This is important in an Ebay auction title.

Step 3

Use a captivating description In selling.

You always use a beautiful and mind capturing description that will draw your people’s attention. A boring description will not spark a motivation for potential buyers. Market it nicely by using a direct to the point approach on the product you’re selling. Focus on the good qualities and features of the merchandise. For example, if you’re selling a brown bag, use a description like this: ” I am selling a brand new brown bag with a eye stunning design and a soft leather shoulder strap at a bargain price”, instead of, “I am selling a brown coach bag at cheap price”. This will add spice on your ebay auction title and will spark a sales for your merchandise.


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