Tips On How To Find The Right Hoodia Dosage

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People have played around with their own hoodia dosage, basically using themselves as a human specimen and this may be fine if the product they’re taking is 100% Hoodia Gordonii. Dieters must always follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage on any hoodia herb combinations. It is also, always recommended to consult your doctor before using any new dietary supplement. Research done by Phytopharm has shown hoodia to have an acceptable safety level, they have not completed clinical research and they only use a purified potent hoodia gordonii extract known as p57. Whether or not the research completed by Phytopharm can be applied to products which are currently on the market is debatable. Phytopharm’s product, which is expected to be the most potent hoodia product, is not scheduled to be released for several years to come.

The acceptable hoodia dosage concerns many health care professionals. While hoodia gordonii is not believed to be a stimulant, there have been problems associated with stimulants used as appetite suppressants and some hoodia herb combos do contain stimulants. It may not be obvious to the consumer, listed ingredients will not say it includes a stimulant. The best advice for dieters is to investigate a product’s ingredients thoroughly, not just what appears on the package label or the company website. Find an impartial source of information.

Even 100% hoodia gordonii products should be used with caution, the smallest hoodia dosage that allows results is recommended. It is also recommended that dieters obtain a clearance from their doctor, before starting any weight loss program, with or without potent hoodia products. Caution is advised because so little is known about the plant. Manufacturers refer to use by the San Bushmen tribe people of southern Africa, but it was not one of their preferred food items. They only ate the cactus plant during hunting trips.

Hoodia products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or children under the age of 18. Anyone suffering from a medical condition of any kind or who is currently taking any prescription medication should not use any hoodia dosage without a doctor’s supervision. No one knows what potential there is for drug adverse interaction or what affect hoodia could have on any medical condition. Clinical studies, by Phytopharm, used a controlled potent hoodia dosage administered to overweight volunteers who were otherwise healthy. These studies were closely supervised and are still on-going.

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