How to Care the Aloe Vera Plant and benefits

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I Love Aloe Vera plant and i take care with love in my organic garden in Miami and would like to share with everybody the great benefits from this plant.

Growing aloe vera as a houseplant is easy. Put the plant in full sun to partial shade and in a well-drained soil.They grow great in xeriscape and rock gardens – I grow mine in full / partial  sun. Use a well draining soil and easy on the water. I’ve always found aloe easy to grow and a great partner to have around for cut and burns.

The most frequent use of the aloe plant is as a tropical gel. Gels made from Aloe Vera are used to treat burns and minor scrapes and it’s benefits range from soothing inflammation, pain relief, and a reduction in possible infection.

While capable of achieving a height of 3 feet, aloe vera plants more typically mature to be 1 or 2 feet tall. If you grow aloe vera plants indoors in containers, they most likely will remain on the shorter end of the height spectrum. When grown outdoors in warm climates, mature plants will produce yellow or orange flower heads on tall stalks. May help (when taken internally) with constipation, diarreah and other intestinal problems.  I make aloe vera juices from one leaf and mixed with any drink (8 oz glass ) to help to my teenager son to reduce the problem with the constipation and he have movement pleased. he drink the juice 2- 3 times a week .

other benefit with aloe vera juice is great to for diabetic.

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