Tips On How To Place Keywords In Your Articles

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Getting the right keywords to use is one challenge but then knowing where to put them in your article for maximum benefit is another challenge. You also need to know how many times to use your keyword phrase or phrases in your article. This can be one of the most important things you ever learn about writing articles for an online audience.

First, when looking at placement of keywords, there are the main locations:

· In your title

· In the first sentence of your article

· In the last paragraph of your article

· Once every 100 words as it fits throughout the article

Basically, if you have a 400-word article, your keyword phrase should be used no more than 4 times or this is considered “overstuffed”. Not only can this get you a penalty when posting online but it can also make the article more difficult for the human reader to comprehend. Too many keywords in there will make it read unnatural and the sentences will not flow.

While you do want to use keywords in your articles, it should never be obvious to the reader that you were trying to do so. When you master the art of keyword articles, you will discover the keywords flow right in as if they were meant to be part of the article.

It’s the mark of a novice who thinks you stuff as many keywords as you can into your article or to force keywords in where they don’t belong or just don’t make sense. Never forget logic when it comes to using keywords in your articles. The placement should flow well and should make sense or you do more harm than good by having the keyword there in the first place.

When you learn these simple tips for the placement of keywords, it will help you to write better keyword articles today. Once you write them this way on a regular basis, it will become a habit and you will always put the keywords where they are supposed to go without needing to put so much thought into it.


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