Tips On How To Write A Press Release

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Do you know how to write a Press Release? Here are the steps on how to write a Press Rlease Format:

1. Details of release. In bold letters, the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL MM/DD/YYYY” should be the first thing a reader sees.

2.Headline. The headline should be short, under 15 words. It should contain the key point of the press release – e.g. “Cure for Cancer Finally Revealed” rather than something that serves as a “teaser”.
3.Place and date. The town/city, state and country should be clearly named, followed by the date – in MM/DD/YYYY format.

3. Body. The main body of the article should answer the questions – What? When? Where? Why? How is this useful to the readers? How does it impact the audience?. The body should contain multiple paragraphs, with every paragraph answering one of the above questions. The wording should be clear and precise – no unnecessary stuff for show allowed here. The release should be no more than one page long in total, everything included. If the release deals with a major event that requires space to be written about, you can continue to the second page by adding “-more-” at the end of the first page.

4. Who is writing the Press Release? Makesure to include the name of the company providing the release, including some background information such as its location, its field of business and so on.

5. Feedback and contact information. Include the name of the company representative to be contacted for further information – not necessarily the person who is writing the press release. Include the person’s name, the company name, telephone and mobile numbers, and postal and email address.

6. Ending. End the release with the word “END” in bold lettering, or the symbols “###”. This is the universally accepted standard indicating that the PR ends here.

7. Word count. If you prefer, you can include the word count of the press release in parentheses at the bottom of the page.


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