Tips On How To Buy Your First Car

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1. Research the car you wish to buy. Go to Kelly Blue book online and check out the price of the car. Read automobile magazines for reviews of the car you want to purchase.

2. If you’re buying a second hand car, ask yourself these questions:
* Has it been in any accidents or has it been repaired?
* How regularly does it need engine oil?
* Is this a salvage vehicle, does it have a salvage title? (salvage vehicle must be declared as salvaged and must be sold at a salvaged price)
* Does it have a service history? Logbooks?
* Has it had its major service? (Every 100,000 kms)
* How long have you owned the vehicle?
* How many previous owners?
* What was the car mainly used for?
* Is the car under finance and has it been finalized?

3. Things to look out for when buying a second hand car:
* Is the amount of miles on the speedometer suitable for the cars age?
* Does the car appear to be well looked after?
* Does the car have a long list of repairs that might mean the car is not maintained?
* Does it have any physical signs of repair to the body? (Check underneath and the engine.)

4. Test Drive the vehicle. See how the handling of the car is. Does it make noise or do you hear any knocking sound. Does the brake squeek, check and feel for comfort zones? Does the air conditioner and heater work? Check the gauges if they’re functional, lights power windows etc.
5. Remember to investigate fees and compare insurance costs.

6. Don’t be impatient
Wait for the right car to come along. It should be well looked after and in excellent condition. It’s easy to get excited about a car and ignore the bad signs. Keep your self manipulated on and don’t settle for anything other than what you really want. The longer you look the better the car you will find.

Buying a car is not easy. There are lots of intricate details you need to pay attention to prior to buying one. If you know a mechanic who can go with you when buying a car, the better it is for you. But if you pay attention to the tips above, then there’s no need to hire a mechanic to be with you.


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