Tips On How To Make A Perfect Golf Swing

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For many beginners who play golf, it can be frustrating when your golf swing need a lot of practice. It may even lead you into losing the game. People take golf lessons to learn the perfect swing, but for someone who can’t afford the fee, they’re stuck with the trial and error they have to go through.

Your first step is to look at your clubs before making any changes to how you perform your golf swing. Good grips are essential for an excellent golf swing as you need to ensure you have something to grip on to. Worn out grips can be replaced or buy a replacement club.

Next step for your golf swing is your stance. A bad stance will lead to a bad back swing, downswing and follow through. You need to relax your stance and your grip. A good swing happens naturally and a tight grip will ruin your swing. A good golf swing has almost nothing to do with your arms; the movement needed comes from the rest of your body.

Execute a good golf back swing. Focus on turning your back to the target while pulling your club back and don’t think about your arms. When you begin your back swing, make sure your left arm rolls slightly clockwise. This should happen naturally so it is best if you just let it flow with no resistance. Keep your feet on the ground to anchor your back swing. Another thing to remember is to cock your wrists. They should be at a ninety degree angle by the time your left wrist is parallel with the ground, taking the golf club back straight.

A good golf down swing starts at the bottom of your body. The best way to complete this swing is to use your lower body, not your shoulders, to carry out the swing. A good way to execute this is to have your belly button facing the target, by turning your hips fast and powerfully. This swing should be natural and is a result of everything that precedes it. Swing naturally and relax.

Practice at the driving range. This is the best way to improve your golf swing. Use the different types of clubs you would use on the golf course. After each shot, you should take the time to assess what mistakes you made, and retrospect what possible changes could be made. It is also important to spend time practicing your putting which is often under emphasized by beginners. A good putt can make up for any mistakes you might have made in your golf swing. Follow all these tips and it won’t be long before you see an improvement in your golf swing. Remember, relax and focus when executing a golf swing; practice makes perfect and be patient.


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