2010 PMR examination time table

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Since i notice many students are here, i decided to make 1 more article which might be useful to them. This time, i will focus on Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR), a test which must be taken by every Malaysian in Form 3.

I tried to upload the whole timetable here as a pdf files but unfortunately, Bukisa system failed to encode it. As i have never uploaded any pdf files before, i can’t identify the problem. Therefore, i will provide you with a link which will enable you to download the timetable. The link is located at the bottom of my article.

For your information, each and every examination has its own standard.

For example, SPM is equivalent to O-level and STPM is equivalent to A-level. If we compare SPM and STPM with the US education system, SPM is equivalent to 11th grade and STPM is the 12th grade.

Sadly to say that i have not done any research on PMR in this matter. Hope you can do it yourself and kindly post it as a comment here.

You might be wondering why am i typing all this as they are not related to the title of the article. As an answer for your question, Bukisa limit each article published to be more than 250 words. Therefore, i am writing all this additional information to make this article longer.

In contrary to this, i believe these additional information will be very beneficial to you in the future. Do keep this in mind as you will need these info when you are planning to persuade your studies overseas to country like US, UK or Australia.

I think that’s all i wanted to type here and the link to the timetable is just below.

PMR examination timetable


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