Earn more money reactivating your articles on Facebook and Twitter

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Robot promotion is good…

You think you got the job done. You wrote your article, you published it and the site automatically delivered the link to the Twitter and Facebook accounts you gave. That’s exactly what will happen. Your friends will see the link that day and the day after. Some might click it. That will bring you some money, of course. But how can you make sure most of them see the link to your article or have the opportunity to read it ?

…but not enough

You know from your own experience you don’t always have time reading something somebody in your list wrote. Or maybe you have time, but you haven’t noticed it. You might’ve even noticed the link, but you didn’t wanted to read THAT in THAT day. Others think the same, for sure. Too bad, because you think some of your articles are unique. Right ?

What can you do ?

Remind them or give them the opportunity to notice your most important articles  they missed. How to do that ? With another link on the ,,What’s on you mind’’ section. It’s simple, just copy it from the URL section after you opened you article and paste it in the mentioned section. And press ENTER. Simple, right ? Just remember, do that when you think your latest article has had enough promotion or it is not as important as the one you remind. Don’t make your articles compete when you don’t need to .

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