My First Air Line Ride, Embarrassing But Exciting

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As person of less opportunity, riding an air plane is an elusive dream to me. But sometimes, opportunity for a dream to fulfill will come your way without expecting it. And that is how my first ride and my first big dream had been fulfilled.

I am one of those individual that dream a lot. I had have dreams to finish college, work easy job and others, but among of it is to ride an airplane. And take note that was a ride with a lover. My first ride with an air plane with the person, whom I adored and adored me likewise, had come true.

In the year 1993, I met someone who was coming from a land that is beyond my reach. In my first look to him, it seems to me that he was a man that I dream to be with but I can’t. He is rich, tall, beautiful person and most of all, a handsome guy. Someone who can only belong to a girl with the same status of him. Never, should I waste to think about him, though it is obvious that my heart is leaping and longing to be in his arms.

To make the story short, the chance opens the way for us. It was not my effort but the will of time, it was. We have known to each other for a quiet time, and I never expect that he will court me. I feel jumping and seem I am like in heaven, but I could not remember how it was happened, except it was a kiss that I could not forget. And it was him who offers me a first ride in an air plane.

I could surely not forget the date August 20, 1993. He asked me to visit in one of the famous beaches in the world, where it has a romantic place, most visited beach, white sand and alas! With lots of singing birds. Before, we get there of course we have to ride an airplane so that we will be safely get there sweet and sound.

“Attention for all passengers bound for an Island, please proceed to gate 2,” it was the voice that I’ve heard, when the departure time come nearer. I feel sweaty inside, though the airport is an air conditioned. There were many things that came into my mind, like how to get into the plane, where to sit and more. Thanks goodness that my sweet lover is always besides me.

Going inside the plane, the pretty flight attendant assisted us, especially me and pointing our seat. Wow, it is near the window. I sat down and smiled to my lover. He is so sweet and has comforting blue eyes, while smiling me back. He holds my hand and kisses it gently, and he told me that it’s okay.

When everyone had seated, another flight attendant spoke in front of the raw. She called up attention of all passengers for the very important things she would say. It was about seat belting and safety when things get wrong. Guess what! I was so afraid to hold the seat belt, not because it might be blown out, but because I don’t know how to lock and unlock it. I knew, my boyfriend know what’s in my mind, and it made me cried when he do it for me.

The other flight attendant had said to what she saw, wow! So sweet, but she never know that the truth was, I don’t know how to do with the seat belt. I might not embarrass to the public, but with myself and to my lover, it was so embarrassing. Luckily, he was understanding and supportive to all the things that I never had.

That first ride of an airplane of mine was the once in a life time. I could not have another first ride, I might have second or more, but the embarrassment is still there. Anyhow, it was a romantic trip with my hero. Someone who won’t let me down, and never left me in the air. Even where I shall be gone, or even if when shall I ride again, I always remember how it was embarrassing in my part, yet exciting to my heart. Thanks for the good times my friend. You will always be remembered.


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