The number one rule : make money with readable content

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Divide. That’s the secret. Divide your text. Divide it so it has 4 or five parts, each with its own subtitle. It’t better than publishing it as a single-body text. You write it as a list ? Surely, it’s easier to follow and will attract more viewers.

Why  ?

It’s all about attention. Of course, readers want to read great content. But not if it is hard to read. Why would they rather read a text they find difficult to follow when Internet offers them so many alternatives ? Your text could be great, but unreadable. Or, someone who regularly reads these sites might visit you once, but  knowing how you write, will avoid you in the future.

Those who know you write in a pleasant manner will read you some other time, maybe even look for you on purpose. The opposite is valid as well. No one wants to read you if they can’t follow the entire text

Division brings you money

How does a better divided text brings you money ? I’ve already told you about readers who know you have  easy-to-read texts. What about others ? Those who haven’t read you before. Some of them might get the link from their friends. Others chose according to what other readers thought about your articles. How ? By the number of star ratings you got. An easy-to-read article will get five stars. Five stars will get you more readers. More readers will get you more money. Also, the number of comments your articles received will bring you very good publicity. You got the point, right ?

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