How to make mouth watering Lasagna

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You will need- cottage cheese (1 container), ground beef (1 1/2 lbs), onion (1 small), salt, pepper, shredded cheese (at least 3 packs of mozzarella), diced tomatoes (1 can), spaghetti sauce (large jar or can) and lasagna noodles (large box) and last but not least, sour cream.

Grab your large kettle and fill with water, bring water to a boil and add your noodles.

Get your frying pan out and hot and brown the ground beef. (I use a little over a pound). While browning, add your diced onions and salt and pepper.

Open your diced tomatoes and place in a bowl.

Make sure you have your cottage cheese out and ready. (I like small cured).

Get your largest baking pan (deep) and lay it by where your cooking.

When noodles are done and beef is cooked, start the layer’s with the sauce. Cover the bottom of the pan with it.

This keeps it from sticking to the pan and actually makes it taste better for some reason…LOL

Then add a layer (covering pan) with noodles. The noodles may be hot so be careful touching them.

Add a layer of beef and onion. Spread it over the noodles entirely, but don’t use a’lot of the beef. You need to save enough for each layer.

A layer of cottage cheese. Spread it thin because you will run out of this before your done and it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt the taste.

A layer of diced tomatoes.

And then a layer of shredded cheese.

Repeat this process till all ingredients are used.

You may have noodles left, oh well, save them if you’d like.

Bake Lasagna at 375* for 40 minutes or until cheese starts to brown.

It cuts easier when it’s cooled a bit.

Be sure to top each slice with sour cream!

Serve with good toasted garlic bread!


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