Here are a list of what you can do for safety during an earthquake event.

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Earthquake is the sudden movement of the earth due to sudden release of energy in the earths crust. The magnitude of the earthquake is measured with the use of the seismometer or also known as the seismograph. Earthquakes are mostly caused by geological faults rupture and sometimes by volcanic activities, landslides, nuclear experiments and mine blasting.

  This 2010, earthquake have hit Haiti with a magnitude of 7.0. There were about 230,000 people died because of this earthquake. Many infrastructures was damaged and left one million people homeless. Chile was hit by an 8.8 magnitude of earthquake last February 28, 2010 that lasted for 3 minutes. This earthquake caused a tsunami warning to 53 other countries and there was a tsunami recorded also with a height of 8 feet and 6 inches. Many have been reported dead and many homes and infrastructures have been destroyed. The Kaohsiung city in Taiwan was also hit by a 6.4 magnitude of an earthquake just this March 4th.

 What should we do during an Earthquake?

  During the earthquake, it is best to stay safe as possible because foreshocks and larger earthquakes might still happen. Stay indoors until the shaking has come to a full stop until you are very sure that it is safe to get out. 

  Here is what you need to do if an earthquake happens and you are indoors

  Go take care under a sturdy tables or other furniture and hold on until the shaking has come to a full stop. If you cannot find a table around you, go to a corner inside a building, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch for safety. Don’t go near windows, walls, glass and doors or anything that might fall during the quake. If you are in bed, stay there and protect your head with a pillow. Move to a nearest safe please if there are heavy items that could fall. A doorway can be used as a safety shelter if you know that it is a strongly supported. Do not go outside until the shaking has come to a full stop. Be aware that the electricity may go out or the sprinkler systems or fire alarms may turn on. DO NOT use the elevators.
  If you are outdoors

  When the quakes starts, do not attempt to go inside the building. Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires as they may collapse. Stay outside until the shaking has stop If you are in a moving vehicle

  Stop the car immediately on safe side and stay inside the vehicle. Do not stop under buildings, trees and utility wires and even overpasses as they may collapse. Once the quake has stopped, proceed to your destination but avoid bridges or ramps that might be damaged by the earth quake. If you are trapped under debris

  Never attempt to light a match. Never attempt to move or kick up any dust, they might suffocate you. Use handkerchief or clothing to cover your mouth to avoid inhaling dust. Try tapping on walls or anything that rescuers will be able to locate you. If you have a whistle, use it or shout for help as a last resort but not recommended as it may cause you to inhale dust.


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