Snakes and Summer Fun

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Snakes and Summer fun

They’re slithery and slimy and generally a nuisance to those who live near water or woodsy areas.  Yes, snakes are a source of stress especially if you have are in the danger zone and have small children who like to play outside.  Snakes can be very dangerous, but some can be very benign. The first step is to educate yourself and your children about the different kinds of snakes so you will all be more aware.  One good way to do that is to visit your local zoo.  They will have names and descriptions of each snake and it is a great way for children to get an up close, but not too close look at them.

Unfortunately there is no way to completely  “snake proof” outside areas, but there are some ways to  ward them off.  Do not keep piles of wood or rocks in your yard as this type of environment tends to attract snakes. Keep your yard mowed regularly. They feed on bugs that like to hang around tall grass. If you have dogs give them free reign of the yard, at least before you plan on being outside. The presence of larger animals can frighten them and make them go away. Also, snakes don’t like loud noises. Make a lot of loud noise when you go outside and they will scatter. There are snake repellants you can buy, but some of them are not safe around children and animals. If you choose a repellent, you may want to hire a professional exterminator to ensure that they are using something that is safe for your family.

Moth balls are excellent to repel them as well. The snakes can’t stand the smell, but again, you have to watch the children and animals. If you have a fence d in back yard, you can place the moth balls to the outside of the fence to keep them from ever even entering the yard.  Also as long as the children stay inside the fence, they will not come into contact with the moth balls.  Whichever method you choose to try, it is important to remember that if the unthinkable happens and a bite occurs try to identify the snake and take the injured person to the Emergency Room immediately.   But, hopefully with a little extra effort the summer months can be a safe and enjoyable  for the entire family.


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