Make Up or Break Up

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Make Up or Break Up

I will never forget as an adolescent begging my mother to let me wear makeup. When the day finally came that she conceded I was on top of the world. With a blush brush and cobalt blue eye shadow, I could do anything. The first couple of years I wore makeup, I could have passed for a clown at the circus. I hadn’t exactly caught on to the fact that less is more. Especially when it comes to that famous blue eye shadow. I couldn’t help myself. Since I was old enough to play with Barbie dolls, I knew I was made for the beauty biz. I was doing make overs on every one that would let me. Thankfully over the years, I have learned that make up is best worn when it accentuates someone’s own natural beauty. With that being said, there are some tricks of the trade that can camouflage little imperfections without over doing it.

Almost every woman I have had in my makeup chair has asked one question. Can you make me look 10 years younger? Well, maybe not 10 years, but there are some very simple ways to give you a more youthful appearance. I always tell people, “You would never build a house on quick sand; you would build it on solid ground, Right?”. Well it is the same way with makeup. Regardless how great your foundation, if you put it on dry, dull, lifeless, skin, it is pretty pointless.

Of course, the best way to look younger is to have been proactive in taking care of your skin, but it is never too late to start. You want to make sure you exfoliate very well after you remove your make up. The next step is to return the skin to its proper ph with a toner that is balanced for your skin type. Then it is time for a moisturizer. This is where a lot of women tend to be misinformed. Yes, it is important to moisturize and glowing healthy skin does appear younger, but that does not mean to slather on a thick heavy moisturizer before you apply makeup. Use a heavy moisturizer before bed and a light moisturizer with SPF under your makeup. Otherwise your foundation will “slide” off your face.

There are products now that contain something called mica. Mica is a great tool that makes your face look radiant without looking oily. Mica is made up of tiny little mirror like particles. It reflects the light and gives you that great glow. Find a very light product with mica and apply right before foundation. The next step is concealed. Look at your face in the mirror and where you see darkness is where you want to apply concealed. Normally this is under the eyes. Put just enough of the product to lighten the appearance of darkness. Then comes foundation. It is very important to choose the correct foundation for your skin type and skin tone. If it is too dark it tends to age your skin. You can add color later with contouring. Make sure your foundation matches your skin. To set the foundation, translucent powder is used.

Now comes the fun part. Color!! As we age, our faces tend to droop, so the object is to give the illusion of lift. One way to do that is with blush. Start just above the apple of the cheek and pull the color up, but don’t go higher than the corner of your eye. The color is important too. Choose a color that highlights, but not too pink or too dark. On to the eyes. Your eyebrows frame the eye so it is important that they have a good shape.  A nice natural arch will give the eye lift. Next you want to apply a light color from lash to brow. Be careful if it is iridescent because shiny shadow can get into lines and look really unkept. Next apply a darker, accent color at the crease from the center of the eye and pull the color out and up towards the outside of the brow. This will also give the illusion of lift. Blend the color and apply a light liner from the center out on the top and bottom lid. If you go over the liner with a coordinating shadow, it will soften the liner and give it staying power. Top it off with mascara and add a little color to the lips and you are all set. Practice different techniques and find what works for you. Just remember—Don’t build your house on quick sand!!! Your make up will only look as good as the skin underneath. Good Luck.


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