Oil painting for your first time

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Have you ever wondered how they make those paintings look so real and 3D as though you were looking out of a window in the middle of a forest, near a stream with a mountain in the background . If you ever seen them paint one on TV you probably thought ya right look how easy they make it look.  Well I’m going to tell you that it is easy easier than you think that’s for sure. I myself started getting interested in painting with oils when I started watching this TV show on how to paint with oil paints  with Bob Ross.

If you haven’t seen him well he has some shows on TV and he paints a picture in about 30 minutes and yes he makes it look easy. Well after a while I started getting more and more interested.  So I started looking for the things i would need, at this point i had no clue what i was looking for . I first started at the buck or two store and they didn’t have much for oil panting. So time went on and Christmas came along and my family new i was interested in this Bob Ross so they gave me a Bob Ross master painting set. The set came pretty much with everything you need to paint a picture. I say pretty much because it only had eight colors and not the twelve he normally uses, so I went and got the other four i needed and now i was set and ready to fail . After all i didn’t really think i could do it anyway but i got it for Christmas and i really did want to give it a try. So i first watched the video it came with three to four times just to make sure i was ready and to understand what i needed to do. With both feet in i went for it . It was a little overwhelming with having to pause the video for each step, but in the end i had my first painting. At first i was disappointed with my painting because it was difficult to do it like he was doing and i thought i bombed.

The next day i got up and looked at it and you know what it wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad. After all, this was the first time i ever painted and if your wondering how bad or good i did you can see all eight of my painting at  and see for yourself. So if oil painting could become a hobby for you try one of Bob Ross’s starter kits.


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