Bipolar Disorder in Children

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When children become teenagers, they experience mood changes due to the fact that they are growing up. However, they start to interfere with the everyday lives and Bipolar Disorder could be the answer for the change.

This sort of mood disorder changes a person’s mood significantly as well as energy levels and behaviour.

The Cause

The disorder can attack any person whether they are grown up or not. But there is only a little chance of having Bipolar Disorder. While a parent has Bipolar Disorder, the risk for the child would be around 30% or less. When both parents have Bipolar Disorder, the risk increases to even more.

The Symptoms

They start during the early life of a child but it is noticeable when it increases during their teenage lives. Below, I have listed a number of symptoms of Bipolar Disorder with a little description about them. If it’s possible that your child or anyone close to you is suffering from these symptoms, take him/her to the doctor and get him checked.

Manic Symptoms

  1. Sudden changes of mood
  2. Increase in energy level
  3. Sleeps little even though he/she doesn’t get tired.

Depressive Symptoms

  1. Always sad and crying most of the time
  2. Not staying a lot with friends or doing any activities
  3. Little energy level and motivation.

Children who have the Bipolar Disorder tend to change in moods very quickly from happy to sad or even aggressive. In the past, parents have said that the children who carry this illness are unpredictable. There is a big difference in children and adults because children tend to be angrier every time.

When this kids are depressed, headaches and other pains occur as well as they talk about strange things like running away or even committing suicide.

Is There Any Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

For this disorder, there is one treatment that I know of; this is taking in some doses of mood stabilisers. Be careful that children might get side effects from these in large amounts. Make sure that you keep an eye of how your child progresses such as his education and monitor the symptoms very closely. Build more ways of improving his mood changes like telling him to start sleeping regularly and bring him closer to a community of people.

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