My Best Friend is a Pug

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My best friend is a beautiful pug. She is the love of my life. We got Layla when she was a few weeks old in a pet shop in Florida. My husband went into the pet shop one day and asked me to meet him there. When he met me outside I wasn’t sure what we were doing there. When he said he decided to come and take a look he thought that I should too. He did say that there was a dog in there and to not fall in love with it. The one that my husband wanted was a Jack Russell. This dog was jumping up and down in its pen and barking loudly. When he got the dog out he began chewing on his shoe laces. I immediately thought that this is not the dog for us. My husband had his heart set on this dog. I hated to disappoint him but I just knew this dog would tear up our apartment. I walked around some more and looked at some of the other dogs that they had. I saw an English bulldog that was just so adorable but the store was asking for $3000. I could not believe that that dog was $3000, I almost fell over. I went over and checked out some other dogs. I walked around and then I saw her. This cute little fawn colored puppy.

She was cuddled up to another dog that was black. I leaned down and patted her on the head. She looked up at me with these sad eyes and when I spoke to her she tilted her head to the side, as if she could understand what I was saying. I kept talking to her and then I picked her up. I put her against my chest and she laid her head on my shoulder. I fell in love. My husband came over and said well you found the one that I didn’t want you to fall in love with. I asked the pet store owner how much she was and when he told me the price I thought I was going to cry. He said $1200. So I put her down with the most disappointed look on my face and kept looking around. My husband and I went outside to smoke and he asked me about some of the dogs I saw, the only one I was thinking about was the pug. I have wanted a pug since I was a kid and when I saw her I fell in love with her. We discussed it and we both knew that she was expensive and my husband suggested that we go to some other shops and check out other pugs. I just gave him my pouty look and agreed because I knew that we could not afford her. We walked back in and looked around some more. I was ready to leave at this point because it broke my heart that I knew I could not bring her home. I went back over to her and stared at her like a child that could not get the toy that they wanted. My husband suggested that I take her out and play with her in one of the rooms in the back. I shook my head because I knew that I would fall in love with her even more so. He said that he was going to play with the Jack Russell I may as well play with her. I went to the back and a lady that worked in the store brought her to me.  Help her in my arms and she laid her head on my shoulders once again. I put her in my lap and she fell as sleep within minutes. I looked over in the next play area and there was my husband with the Jack Russell.  The dog was jumping all over the place and was chewing on my husband’s shoe laces.

My husband finally put him away and I just sat there with the pug. My husband looked down at me and realized he was outnumbered. He went over and talked to the owner of the shop and asked what he would be willing to do about the price. My husband came back over to me and asked me, do you want her? I said yes more than anything. So he turned to the owner and said we’ll take her. I could not have been happier at that moment. I held her in my arms the rest of the time that we were there. We picked out a bed and a crate. Then we went and picked put a leash and collar and then there were some toys and of course food bowls. I think that the day we brought her home she only weighed about 7lbs. she was tiny and she had the cutest face. On the ride home I held her in my lap in her bed. I knew that she was going to be my baby forever. We took her home where she was shy at first and only walked against the edge of the wall. While my husband and I set everything up little did we know that she was in her bed asleep. I was so afraid that she would not be able to sleep the first night. I thought that she would whine and cry because she missed being at the store. But she ended up sleeping through the night. We moved her bed into the bathroom and shut the door. We listened intently for any sound coming out of the bathroom. We heard nothing. We opened the door to the bathroom and saw that she was still asleep. When we saw that it looked like she would sleep through the night he and I decided to go to bed. At 6am my husband woke up and got her up. We had talked about names for her but neither of us could agree on what to call her. He wanted to name her Puggles or Puggie; I wanted something more feminine, such as Mercedes or Sasha. He didn’t like any of mine either. He brought her onto the bed and woke me up. She was licking my face and wanting to play. She was so tiny in our huge king size bed. We have a mirror on our head board and when she saw her reflection she was surprised. She walked up to it and sniffed it and even barked at it. She was amazed by herself. I kept asking her who the pretty puppy was.

We ended up taking her to get groomed that day; we thought that it would be good for her to have a bath and a nail trim. While she was getting groomed we went to get something to eat. While we were sitting there waiting on our food to come we began talking about names again, still the same argument. We both stopped to think about more names when I heard the radio, it was playing an Eric Clapton song, Wonderful Tonight, but that made me think of a name, Layla. I just blurted it out. My husband looked at me for a second and said that he liked it. So we thought we would see how she would react when we called her that when we went to pick her up. You should have seen her, she was clean and she smelled good and looked so happy. When they brought her over to us she looked up at us and we called her Layla. She tilted her head and that was it, she was Layla. Layla will be turning four years old January 29th. She is our baby and we love her more than anything. She sleeps with us now and has for a while. I cannot imagine sleeping without her. She curls up to my chest and snores in my ear. I cannot sleep without that snore. She knows when I am sad and comes and gives me kisses. She is the sweetest little girl and I don’t what I would do without her. She is my best friend and always will be.


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