Grady Sizemore: Love him or Hate him?

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As an obvious first round pick last year you have to admit that Sizemore was a bust. If you were one of the unlucky ones to snag him around the sixth pick then I am guessing he ruined your league and you hate him for it. I understand that his season was plagued by injuries and that is why he gets another chance for 2010.

Sizemore was a beast in 2008 putting up 33 HR’s, 90 RBI, and 38 SB. His average wasn’t too great as he batted only .268. Without the horrible average these are the numbers that are the ceiling for Matt Kemp who is going as a first round pick in almost every league. Sizemore is falling as low as the 4th round in some 10 team leagues and he could put up the numbers that a first round pick (Matt Kemp) could give you.

Another thing I love about Sizemore is how young he is. He is only 27 and if you are in a keeper or dynasty league he could help you out for a long time. If some fool doesn’t decide to keep him then be sure to draft him as he will be great.

2010 Prediction:

He will put up all around solid numbers with his batting average around .275. He has a chance to get 25 HR’s and 25 SB’s so don’t be surprised if you see numbers even higher than that. He will bounceback from injury and show why he was a first round pick in 2009. And for all of you out there hating him for last year get over it and realize you can grab a star later than usual in the draft.

Love/Hate: LOVE


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