The State of Nevada is falling apart

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I realized that Senator Reid is helping Washington out and that the Las Vegas people will not vote for him this election but let’s give some attention to Las Vegas. This state needs better government and better laws. I was wondering when the Las Vegas governor is going to do some changes regarding the unethical work environment in Las Vegas. I live in California and some other part of the world and have yet to see that Las Vegas provides a lot of unethical work practices. I know that there are unions and labor laws but employers don’t follow them. I show up to work daily and I see that they just don’t care at all. They treat you worse than an animal sometimes. You are afraid to speak out against them for fear of losing your job. Your managers sexually harasses you and your bosses swear at you constantly. Since when is it that people in Las Vegas just lack all sense of humanity. I would get a better treatment from a working girl walking down Las Vegas blvd.

If you live in Vegas and you manage Las Vegas, it’s time to make some changes in the work place and treat people like they are people at least. We are not asking for a raise, we are merely asking for human treatment. I think it’s unethical to ask you to have the model look in order to serve hamburgers. I’m sorry but you don’t need to be a model in order to serve hamburgers. Anyone can serve hamburgers and you don’t need to be a model. In Las Vegas, you need to be a model with experiences too and you just can’t be a model. This is working people too hard. It’s like tying up the birds in ropes and making them perform for the people on the street. It’s plain unethical in every sense and yet employers just sit there and smile like nothing is going on. I hope that the labor department would do some more regular checks up on claims from people from work place. You have heard it here from one Las Vegas employees, that Las Vegas needs serious political changes.

If you’re from the Obama administration, it’s time to take a look at Las Vegas’s work environment and make some changes. We are not working monkey performing for pennies on the street. We are people who deserves to be treated like people. We are not animals but I sense that we get treated worse than animals at work most of the time. You have to wear a bikini to serve beers and then dance in half an hour and then go and rub down your bosses. It’s just not the work place that I would imagine that anyone would do. Go on craiglist and see how many people complain about the unethical side of working environment in Las Vegas. Las Vegas governors, if you are out there and you come across things like these, I hope that you would make some changes regarding some labor issues here in Las Vegas. I know it’s sin city but sin is not that great for the general population. Lets change it to something else.


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