How to save more money when living on your own

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It’s costly to live on your own. It’s even harder to be in college and supporting yourself. I had to do it for many years. I know it’s not easy. You just don’t feel that comfort that you have when you’re at home with your parents. It’s different. This is why it’s hard living on your own. This is why you would have to find ways to save even more money. It seems like saving money is the goal of the US nation. People here love to spend. They love to party but then we’re borrowing from China. I guess they know how to save there. I look around and saw that my family and friends don’t even know how to save. They have never think of this saving thing. It’s time for Americans to learn how to save more money. If it’s not in your vocabulary then it should be now.

How can you save more money when living on your own? You can save more by partnering up with people. Roommates are excellent since they will help you pay for your apartment too. You should always stick with the same roommates or even live with your friends. If there is ever a chance that you can move back home, you should move back home. You can save more money by living with family since they will help with paying the bills.

When you’re renting, you should rent from a new home with a working family since they might not be desperate when it comes to rent money. If you rent from old folks who don’t work, they will be desperate when it comes to rent money. I used to rent from old folks and they were desperate when it comes to rent money. They would open up my room and steal things from me. They wanted me out of the house as much as possible. They talk badly about me when I’m at home. Old people are desperate and they’re not good pick for landlords. When you have wealthy working professionals, they don’t care about rent money. They have it and they are more forgiving. You get an extra leverage that you don’t get with other people.

You can save even more money if you rent from people who are able to rent it out for less. They’re not desperate when it comes to money. You would have to do a lot of shopping around until you can find one that will fit really well. Not all landlords are created equals. I believe this is true.


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