How to Create a Music Resume for College

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You want to include any high schools you have attended, any universities you’ve attended, date of graduation if you are a transfer student, current GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

You want to include the names of your private music teachers and the dates you have studied with them. If there is a secondary instrument you play include this information also.

You want to include your music experience such as school ensembles, youth music ensembles or community music ensembles, orchestras, contest and festival participation and/or other ensembles. Also, you should include other music participation such as recitals, theory and history classes taken, musical employment/volunteering and any other music experiences you have experience.

Finally, you want to include honors and/or awards you have received for music and for other reasons as well that were given to you. Also include other miscellaneous activities that you have participated in such as membership to any music organizations.


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