Department stores harassing their young employees: What should the parents do

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I used to work in retail and noticed that a lot of employers are pushy when it comes to their asset protection department. They’re ridiculous sometimes too. They will tap you on the shoulder and throw you in a room and interrogate you until you cry. If you’re an adult then you might know how to respond but if you’re an underage person, this can be very unethical experiences. You can cry thinking that you will go to prison. I was so terrified one time when a Robinson’s May ap person tried to interrogate me because I did an exchange for a customer when she brought in a coupon.

I guess anybody can do an exchange when they have a coupon. They can get that discount. There is nothing wrong with that. I did the sales like they had an advertisement for it. The Robinson’s May’s department ap girl was so pathetic. She threatened me with prison and jail time for an exchange made to a customer with a legitimate coupon. I got called in for a coupon.

I was underage at that time. I wish I would have sued them. I was so angry when she threw several pieces of paper on my desk and told me that she would call the police if I don’t fess up. Well, there was nothing to fess up. I did an exchange for a customer and they had legitimate receipts. I noticed that Robinson’s May was a terrifying company and that’s why they sold it to Macy. I guess it was dying anyway. Right after I left, they were sold to Macy and I guess it wasn’t my fault for working at a bankrupt company.

It’s too late now. They’re a sold company. I can’t do anything about it now. I guess management is still the same there but I guess Macy is now taking over and I’m pretty sure they’re not that crazy about harassing employees anymore after their million dollars lawsuit regarding AP and discrimination against shoppers. I guess they just don’t follow instructions that well.

If you have young kids working for these crazy department stores, you need to warn them about terrible managers and over rated AP people. It’s often that they will encounter these problems if they are not careful with what they do at work. If they were humiliated or harassed for things that they’re not legally bound to then you should tell them to file a lawsuit against them. A careful store has careful AP, managers and everything else. If they can’t do their job rights, they will learn to do it right after millions of dollars of lawsuits like how all these department stores are sued for.


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