How to practice good hygiene at home to prevent illnesses

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Take shower daily

You have to shower daily. If you don’t shower daily, germs and bacteria will build up and you will be sick. It’s important to take showers daily so you can have a clean body.

If you don’t take shower daily, you can get sick from germs accumulating on your body that you acquired from the environment.

Wash hands after bathroom use

It’s apparent that you need to wash your hands after you use the bathroom. There are a lot of bacteria and viruses in your urine and waste. You can get really sick if you don’t wash your hands when you eat with it later on.

Use anti-setptic wipes

You can use anti-septic wipes to get rid of germs and bacteria. They’re available to purchase in store. This is great after restroom use. You can clean yourself afterward.

Cover mouths with mask when sick

When you have TB or if you’re coughing, you can cover your mouth when you’re sick. When you’re sick, you can cover your mouth so that the germs don’t get to other people.

Clean house daily

You can clean your house daily to get rid of germs and bacteria. They can make you cough often if you have allergies problems.

Take out old garbage

You can take out old garbage if you don’t need them. If you leave them inside of your house for too long, germs and flies will grow.

Wash old clothes

Germs can grow on old clothes. You should wash them whenever you have time so that they will be clean.


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