How Bing can draw more visitors to their sites: A few tips for Bing

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Bing is a new search engines. It’s fighting hard to win over customers and users. Of course, this is the deal with any new business. They do have to do a lot of marketing in order to get the words out there. Bing is owned by the powerful Bill Gate so of course there is a future with this company. He’s financially stable so he has the money to bring in searchers. He can market and hire people to do what they need to do. This is better than if it was to be owned by a poorer person who has no funding and is raising money hard.

There are several things that Bing can do to increase users to their search engines. First, bing has to have an email services. This is the quickest way to get people to come there. People have to have emails. They need emails to communicate to eather other. Yahoo is so popular once before because people love yahoo mail. Almost everyone uses Google search but they all have a Yahoo email account. Every time that they log onto their Yahoo account, they also was able to use all the other services too. There is a reason for people to come to Yahoo.

Right now, Bing doesn’t have a lot of reasons but searches. People can do that at Google but if you have a distinctive service then they will come to you. Why would they go somewhere else when they have a place that they can use already. They’re used to using Google for searching. Google also have a great reputation for quality searches. You get what you want out of your search. It can be frustrating on yahoo. You don’t get what you want on Yahoo.

Yahoo has other things that people like such as quality news from AP, mail, chat, stocks, business, content and maps. People go to Yahoo for these things that Google doesn’t focus on. If Bing has some of the features like Yahoo, they can have an increase in users that will come to their site for these services and then search at the same time. Well, why not, you get it all at once. The product has to be distinctive and unique though. It would be nice if Bing has their own news channel, stocks, business, maps, chats, mail and everything else. People will have a reason to visit Bing then. Bing will also need to have a publisher advertising partner up soon in order to get more advertisers involved and publishers involved with their search engines to drive in the revenue.


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