Final Fantasy XIII Boss Guide and Walkthroughs:

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They’re big, they’re bad and they want to eat your face! Beating Final Fantasy XIII’s boss monsters can be an uphill struggle, especially if you’re not yet got your head around the new battle system- but don’t fret. This guide will give you some general pointers on how to defeat almost any boss in Final Fantasy XIII- as well as specific walkthroughs for any that you may be having serious issues with. So, let’s get right into it with the basics!

Boss Battles 101.

  • First of all, make sure you’ve had a flick through the combat guide, as that will show you some of the basics and more advanced methods of using Final Fantasy XIII’s ATB system and Paradigms- these are vital to defeating any boss in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Learn which paradigms do what. Diversity lets you keep a solid attack while healing, relentless assault builds chain gauges, solidarity keeps an enemy’s chain gauge steady while you heal… Knowing which paradigm to use at which point is VITAL.
  • Know the names of the paradigms! You will often need to switch very quickly in boss battles to take advantage of any openings, so you can’t afford to keep looking at the descriptions.
  • Use launch to keep staggered bosses in the air and out of harm’s way- great for buying time to heal, or just lay down some serious pain with the triple ravager paradigm (requires constant switching)
  • It goes without saying but… USE LIBRA! This is important in any boss battle in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Makes Sure at the start of the battle you have your buffs in place, and try to debuff the boss if you can. Libra can often reveal which status ailments will work on the boss.
  • Eidolons can do more than just damage! When you finish a Gestalt Sequence, all party members are returned to full health- even KO’d ones. Eidolons are a great way to retip the balance if you’ve made a mistake.
  • Most bosses will telegraph thier big attacks, so use this to slip into a defensive paradigm just ahead of time to absorb any serious damage.

Still having trouble? Don’t worry, consult the guides below for tips on each boss.

Anima– Pulse Vestige

Dreadnought – Vile Peaks

Manasavin Warmech – Lake Brehsa

Garuda Interceptor – Lake Bresha

Enki and Enlil – Sunleth Waterscape

Ushumgal Subjugator – Palumpolum

Ushumgal Subjugator Second Encounter– Palumpolum

Havoc Sky Tank – Palumpolum

Midlight Reaper– Nautilus

Kalavinka Striker – Palamecia

Primarch Barthandelus – Palamecia

Primarch Barhandelus second part Palamecia

Cid Raines – Fifth Ark

Cid Raines, Angelic Form– Fifth Ark

Dahaka – Taejin’s Tower

Barthandelus – Oerba

The proudclad – Grand Prix track cocoon.

The Proudclad (Second encounter) – Plaza

Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch– Orphan’s Cradle

Wladislaus – Orphan’s Cradle

Tiamat Eliminator – Orphan’s Cradle

Barthandelus – Orphan’s Cradle

Orphan, Form one – Orphan’s cradle

Orphan, Form Two– Orphan’s Cradle.

More on the way!

Final Fantasy XIII Palamecia boss guide- Kalavinka Striker


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