How to Tease your Girlfriend and Make Her Go Crazy

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Step 1

Teasingyour woman at her jokes can make her go crazy First off, if she tries to tell you a joke, let her finish, and look at her with a blank expression. Then say, “Was that supposed to be funny?” The longer you give her a straight face, the more you’ll likely to hit her bone.

Step 2

Next, when she asks you stupid questions, answer them with stupid answers. If she asks, “Do you go out on dates a lot?” say something back like,” No, I just stay in my room all day and stare at my wall.”

Step 3

Teasing her can actually be fun! Then, try teasing her playfully in a mean way. For example, if she tells you that tic-tacs doesn’t work, tell her, “Well obviously it doesn’t work for you. You have trouble with bad breath, right?” Make sure that you give her a hint of smile to let her know that you are just messing with her.

Step 4

Be a tease! Tease her about her weight! But only do so if the girl is very fit. Say something along the lines of, “How much do you weight? 300?” Remember, you do not want to offend anyone’s feelings, so make sure that your woman is indeed skinny and not fat.

Step 5

In order to tease a woman, you must think outside the box and say something different than what all other guys would say. Try teasing her about her age. Tell her you don’t date anyone over 40 years old. The idea is that if she’s young, shes not young enough. If she’s old, she’s not old enough. What makes this so interesting is that you are saying completely the opposite.


Tease by being sacastic! Be sarcastic! This is one of the important keys in teasing a woman. After saying something sarcastic, give her a sly smile, some eye contact so that she’ll know you are just teasing and playing around with her!

Step 7

Last but not least, delivery is the most important key in teasing and driving a woman crazy! It’s all about tone of voice, eye contact, and timing, which are all very important aspects when teasing a woman.


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